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Approvati i Piani di gestione dei Distretti Idrografici Po e Appennino settentrionale
There are no translations available. Nei Comitati Istituzionali Integrati dei Distretti idrografici Po e Appennino settentrionale del 3 marzo 2016 sono stati approvati gli aggiornamenti dei rispettivi Piani di Gestione
AQUA Report published
The AQUA Report is designed to collect and present the activities implemented within the project AQUA to support enterprises in the agro-food sector in defining strategies for the reduction of fuel consumption and re-use of
AQUA Guidelines published
The purpose of the guidelines is to make the model and experience gained throughout the LIFE + AQUA project, carried out in the Emilia-Romagna region with financial contribution by the European Union, replicable.AQUA guidelines
AQUA Project Final Conference in Bruxelles
Bruxelles - May 7, 2013. At the conclusion of the project's activities, which started in January 2011, the final event of the Project Life AQUA, "Adoption of Quality Water Use in Agro-industry sector." took place. AQUA has
The most beautiful stories of AQUA
The most beautiful stories of AQUA told through six video clips focusing on the water savings results achieved and the strong contribution given by the companies who have actively participated in the project.AQUA, a